Accessories for beach style living, inspired by the coastlines of the world.
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Inspiration for our fireglass bead collection. Finding treasure beneath your feet.

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Walking the beaches taking in the wild cliffs and scenery it is easy to wander past those tiny fragments of ocean smoothed glass and pottery. But once you start noticing them, it becomes difficult to look up again. Each piece of beach glass has a little story of its own. How the now smooth glass pebble made its way from person to ocean, smashed, broken, rolled, worn and pushed back out again by waves. The sea reminding us of its rhythmic motion.

Here at Chalk Bay our beach glass sits in collections of whites to blues to greens, browns and yellow. Black is usually the older rarer glass.

Our fireglass beads jewellery collection is inspired by the ever changing beauty of our ocean and the treasure it creates. Made for those of us who love dipping into the sea and wandering barefoot on the sand. Fireglass beads have the appeal of sea glass with their worn, tumbled and frosted feel, circling our fine silver snake chains.

Carry a reminder of the ocean with you.

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